Recently Digital Shoguns were commissioned by Hasbro UK Ltd, to re-model and create the Mr Monopoly Character. The project involved producing a 3D digital character, which could be used for their animation, print and other digital assets. Hasbro felt it was time to recreate the 3D Mr. Monopoly allowing more dynamic movement and facial expressions. The result, a new and fully rigged Mr Monopoly with over 30 different facial expressions. This is now used from animation to branding and print.
No matter the size of your company Digital Shoguns can animate your characters.

Product Render

We work with many of the world’s leading brands in recreating their existing products using the latest CGI software. The finished piece can be used across a range of different media including front of packaging to animation. At Digital Shoguns we find that clients prefer to use CGI renders for the product as opposed to photography as the final product will look far more immaculate then a photograph can ever produce.
More often than not our clients are faced with a dilemma in which they need to show or advertise a new product which doesn’t exist to future clients. This is where Digital Shoguns come in; Instead of a client paying a large sum for prototypes of products, our team can create realistic and beautiful imagery allowing the client to have whichever photo angle they require as well as changing their mind on the fly over important things such as colours and materials.

3D Characterisation

At Digital Shoguns we bring many of our client’s concepts, products and characters to life through stunning 3D illustration and animation. We have a fresh, experienced and vibrant team who have worked for the Monopoly Junior and Game of Life Junior were creating brand new characters based on the game token and movers.
Digital Shoguns can give you a bigger step towards the digital market by creating a brand new world for your exciting characters to live in.

3D Video

At Digital Shoguns we have the perfect way to tell your story when your ideas are conceptual. Our experienced 3D video team can create any short clip so that your imagination can come to life.

Game App Development

During the past 9 years we have worked closely with toy brands on helping develop game apps. We have created multiple game assets, scenes and characters for our clients and work closely with very experienced game and app developers.

Point of Sale

Digital Shoguns have created multiple 3D material and illustrations which have been used on point of sale around the globe. This includes the development of the Lego 5th floor in Hamleys to Toys R Us Feature Wall and front of pack illustrations.

"over the last several years Digital Shoguns have been responsible for creating 3d Animation, product renders for packaging artwork and 3d illustrations for us at Hasbro. The work is always at the highest quality at very competitive rates"

− Steve Tester, Hasbro

"Digital Shoguns skillset have been continuingly to provide us with the highest quality work ranging from animation for web and commercials to product and POS graphics. Always a pleasure to receive the final artwork from these guys"

− Marc Pattison, Lego

"Digital Shoguns produce quick turnarounds to the highest standard in which we here can use as a basis for digital paint overs and reference."

− Rinehart Appiah, SEGA